Student Sidewinder                   
    Harness/container system

What is the Student Sidewinder harness container system?  Basically it's a standard Sidewinder with all of the standard options you are used to, plus the student options you would like for the way you run

your DZ.  For example, Student Sidewinders are usually made with double wide legpads for comfort, but they can be made in standard length, or longer/shorter as you prefer.  Common Student Sidewinder options include some type of AAD setup, RSL system, and adjustable harness but custom options are available too -- please call or email to discuss anything special you would like.  While one specific size of container has often been used for some very popular canopy sizes, the Student Sidewinder can be made in different sizes for larger/smaller canopies used for your larger/smaller students.  Often for given sizes of canopies the container can be made shorter/thicker if required for short torso students.  For small students the yoke can be made shorter and narrower too, or vice versa for large students.

Often DZ's require a double ended BOC pouch or an extra pouch on the side of the main container for IAD dispatching.  Custom monogramming on the side of the container is common for advertising purposes..... it can show up in videos shot at the DZ.

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