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was one of the most popular container systems in Canada.  When we released the Student Bullet it was the most popular student rig.  Some years later, we had an agreement with the license holder of the externally mounted pilot chute (pop top) so we could produce our own Excalibur harness/container system.  Our current system is the Sidewinder, followed by the very popular Student Sidewinder.

Aside from manufacturing our own harness/container systems, we produce generic and custom spare parts such as risers, toggles, main deployment bags, main pilotchutes (and collapsible pilotchutes), ripcords and cutaway handles.

We are also distributors for many other skydiving equipment manufacturers plus a number of companies producing skydiving related accessories -- you can contact us to check out our prices....we are very competitive.  We sell complete parachute systems, canopies, harness/containers, AADs, altimeters, audible altimeters (beepers), goggles, helmets, etc. etc.  from:

Aerodyne,  Airtec, Alti-2, Altico, Flight Concepts, JumpShack, Larsen & Brusgaard, Paragear, Performance Designs, Precision Aerodynamics, Rigging Innovations, Strong Enterprises, Sunpath, and Velocity Sports Equipment.

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At Flying High, we have been in business manufacturing and selling new parachute equipment since 1979.... we can make or order what you need.  We started off many years ago producing the Bullet, which