Flying High Manufacturing Inc.

          The Sidewinder

   Check out these features:

  • Seriously secure pin protector flaps for vertical flight
  • Tuck tabs that stay closed until the container is open
  • Double wide legstraps and padding for extreme comfort
  • T-13 harness webbing for best hardware compatability
  • Unibody construction for maximum opening load distribution
  • Continuous metal cutaway housings
  • Single pin milar free bag and high drag reserve pilot chute
  • Custom sizes and options for your individual requirements
  • Fully lined and padded container
  • Rigger friendly reserve container makes the repack look great
  • Consistant quality you expect from TSO C23C cat B
  • Custom built just for you, thoroughly inspected, designed to last








Some of the Options Available

Reserve Static Line.  An option that some skydivers prefer to aid in a faster reserve deployment once a cutaway has been effected.  The RSL disconnect snap shackle is available in the bronze or smaller stainless versions (shown).  The lanyard runs down to the pivot point of the harness ring, and then doubles back to the shackle; this allows the end of the lanyard to move with the main risers on deployment without the velcro becoming unmated.  The tab on the end of the snap shackle is held to the riser with a small snap, thus making sure that the tab is always available in exactly the same location for a quick disconnect if the need should arise (water, winds, etc). 


Stainless Steel 3rings.  A beautiful, smooth surface polish with no plating to wear off (and no chance of rust).   The stainless is much harder and stronger than the previous standard plated carbon steel hardware.  As well, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, eliminating the cadmium plating (a heavy metal) is much better for the environment.  Standard and Mini 3rings now available in stainless, as well as the chest strap and legstrap hardware.


Velcroless toggles.  With this option, the velcroless toggle is held in place by upper, middle and lower solid keepers.  The toggle is narrower, thicker and very comfortable to hold.  Extra brake line is towed in an elastic band to the side of the toggle.  Brakes are popped in one easy downward motion.


                                                                                           Articulating Ring Harness.  These rings allow the harness to move with the jumper, allowing more flex.  Most jumpers utilizing the 'Rings' claim more comfort in freefall and while wearing the rig on the ground or in the aircraft.  An additional side benefit of the articulating harness, as shown in labratory destructive load testing, is a dramatic 22% increase in overall harness strength!  This is mainly due to an even loading of the harness stitch patterns.  The harness can be made such that the ring is rotated and the main lift webb becomes adjustable, as may be required for a student operation.  The sidestrap can join the ring directly (as shown) for a shorter jumper/longer container combination, or it can be sewn into the top stitch pattern for a jumper with a longer torso/shorter rig combination.

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Main closing flap.  The large angled tuck tab holds the the main pin protector flap securely closed until the main closing pin is released.
Double-wide Legpads.  Not only are the legpads double-wide, but so is the webbing inside.  This keeps the padding from 'bunching up' and adds incredible comfort under canopy.  Great for longer times 'in the saddle' and for jumpers who use the harness to help steer their canopy.  Note how the legpad tapers down to single-wide at the end, where it returns on the inside of your leg; again, more comfort.

Reserve top flap The top reserve flap tucks into a pocket on the midflap, plus it has locking side tabs.  Very secure at high vertical airspeeds but designed and fully tested to be non restrictive to the pilot chute launch.

Some Details