Standard Features are:

Standard or mini 3ring release system        Velcroless flap closing
1pin reserve                                                      Molar free bag
Double-wide legstraps and padding             Custom colours and sizes                                    
Step-in harness                                                Covered risers and housings   
Choice of pilot chute deployment                Cypres setup

Some of the Options Available are:

Reserve Static Line (RSL), FXC setup                              B-12 snaps, quick ejectors 
Articulating ring harness, stainless steel hardware     Monogramming
Collapsible main pilot chute, leather hackey                 Velcroless toggles


Containers come in 2 basic planforms:

-- 13" wide at the shoulders and 15" wide at the bottom 
varying lengths and thicknesses
     to suit jumper and canopies.  Commonly used with medium to larger canopies.

-- 12" wide at the shoulders and 12" wide at the bottom varying lengths and thicknesses
     to suit jumper and canopies.  Commonly used with medium to smaller canopies.

Weight:  6.5 lbs, depending on size and options 

Harness webbing: Mil-W-4088h T-13R, rated at 7000lbs per side 

Main --         Throw-out BOC (pullout, legmount, or even bellyband by special request)
Reserve --    Left hand stainless steel ripcord handle

Container fabric:  1000 denier cordura (nylon)

Colours:  Wide variety of color combinations for container, trim tapes and harness webbing

The Sidewinder incorporates a "unibody" construction, where the harness is an integral part of the container.  This helps spread out the load during deployment.  The container is of modular construction, which helps in assembly and repair; the entire container can be broken down in 20 minutes for major flap replacement.  The container is of double wall construction with laminated foam-backed taffeta inside.  This makes for extra comfort in the padding, eases out wrinkles from less than perfect pack jobs, and hides stitch lines.  Velcro has been eliminated on the closing flaps, with tuck tabs used on all closing flaps.  Stainless steel grommets are used throughout, with Nylatron MDS stiffeners.  The bottom internal reserve flap separates your reserve dbag from your Cypres or other compatable AAD.  Double wide legstraps provide the structural soundness and rigidity to hold the padded legpads in place for extreme comfort under canopy. 

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     The SIDEWINDER Harness/container system

The Sidewinder harness/container is a very comfortable system, designed to last you for many years and thousands of jumps.  Each Sidewinder is custom made for your torso size and your canopies.  Supplied with container system are:  main risers and toggles, ripcord and cutaway handles, main and reserve pilot chutes/bridles/deployment bags and owner's manual.  We received an FAA TSO (C23c Cat B) in Dec 1992. This guarantees the performance standard and continued quality control you need in a harness/container system.