Flying High Manufacturing, Inc

Important Service Bulletins

If you are using The Bullet, The Excaliber, or The Sidewinder, the following service bulletins are important.   For your own safety, please check that they have been complied with before your next jump!

Capewell ripcord pin CW03-01

This industry wide service bulletin was issued July 2003, concerning potentially defective ripcord pins supplied from Nov 2001 to July 2003.  NONE of the pins used in the manufacture of ripcords by Flying High fall into the time frame of this mandatory service bulletin.  All Flying High ripcords are easily identified by the letters FH on the handle, plus the use of 2 swaged termination balls on the end of the cable opposite the pin(s).  If your ripcord was made by Flying High, you do NOT have to do any test on the ripcord pins.

The Sidewinder

CSPA Technical Bulletin #49

MANDATORY for Sidewinder with Cypres installation, at the next repack or before. Rerouting of the Cypres control head cable. Check that the cable exits the top right of the reserve container, runs OVER (not under) the back diagonal, under the top reserve flap cover and back to the pocket or tie down point on the top reserve flap. Check and/or rerouting can be done in the field by any certified rigger.

The Excaliber

CSPA Technical Bulletin #34

MANDATORY prior to next jump. Replacement of the plastic stiffener supporting the ripcord pin grommets. The stiffener must extend up to or into the binding tape at the top of the reserve container, and the placement of the top tacking from the end of the housing will be equal to or greater than the length of one ripcord pin. Must be returned to the manufacturer.

The Bullet

CSPA Technical Bulletin #34

MANDATORY for Bullet with FXC 12,000 installation, at the next repack. Power cable protective channel to be attached to the left side flap. Kits available from manufacturer, which can be installed in the field by any certified rigger.

CSPA Technical Bulletin #19

MANDATORY Prior to next jump Harness 3-ring testing (2500 lbs) and/or replacement of all RW-1-82 or RW-1-83 rings. Testing and replacement available from the manufacturer.

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