Aside from manufacturing, repairing and repacking parachute equipment, we sell most popular brands of parachute equipment and associated paraphernalia.  In alphabetical order, we are distributors for:

Aerodyne Research,  Airtec, Alti-2, Flight Concepts,  JumpShack, Larsen & Brusgaard, Mars, National Parachute Inc., Paragear, Para-Phernalia, Performance Designs, Precision Aerodynamics, Rigging Innovations, Strong Ent, and Sunpath. Contact us to check out our prices....we are very competitive.

We also consign and sell some used skydiving and pilot emergency parachute equipment. 

Flying High Manufacturing, Inc.

Our extensive experience in manufacturing is complimented by our service department.  Parachute equipment needs to be repacked on a timely basis, but the inspection part of the repack is very important.  Occasionally damage is found, sometimes obvious and sometimes hidden.  Here are a few examples of damage found during the inspection prior to recertification:

Skydiving equipment tends to be built with lighter weight construction and materials for smaller pack volumes so it will be lighter to carry (therefore more comfortable), and smaller diameter lines allow for less drag at higher canopy speeds.  However some of the components can wear out prematurely.  Replacing linesets are a common repair to todays high performance canopies.  Not only do they wear, but over time Spectra lines can shrink enough (over 6") to radically change the flight characteristics of the canopy.  A custom sized harness may not fit the second-hand purchaser as well as the original owner, so we can either shorten a harness or completely replace the old one, and modify or replace the legpadding to match the harness change.

Dropzone student equipment tends to wear out at higher rates because the students don't know how to take proper care of it yet, so this type of equipment is often in for repairs.  A small rip from catching your canopy on a fence, a hole or wear spot in the container, or worn out velcro, all require cost effective, quality repairs that we do well.  Small repairs can often be done before the next weekend.  We do top quality major harness, container, and canopy repairs as well.

Aside from skydiving equipment, we do recertification and repairs on all types of pilot emergency parachute equipment.  As well, we repair Paragliding canopies and powered parachutes, from rips/tears to broken/cut lines.  We carry a good range of material for repairs, and we work with the manufacturers for specialty materials.

Some manufacturers occasionally issue a service bulletin for a modification that needs to be done on their equipment already in the field.  We can accomplish this easily and quickly, at a reasonable price.


We offer custom design and production of either single or multiple special items. We produced the “invisible” harness/container systems used in the James Bond movies, worn under the suit jackets/pants. We have experience manufacturing stunt equipment for movies, harnesses for rescue work, rappeling, etc. and we have supplied technical expertise to the movie industry for parachute related shots.  A special pilot emergency parachute system to fit a narrow seat back?  We've already done them.  Problem solving?  You bet.

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Cracked flap stiffeners

Damaged webbing edge

Bent ripcord pin