New Pilot Emergency Parachute Equipment


Aside from manufacturing our own pilot emergency parachute system, the Slimline, in alphabetical order, we are distributors for:  Mars, National Parachute Inc, Para-Phernalia Inc, Rigging Innovations, and Strong Ent.

Contact us to check out our prices....we are very competitive.   Be it a large, medium or small canopy --with a back, seat or chair container system, we can help you purchase the best parachute for you, and your fit in the cockpit.


We produce our own line of pilot emergency parachute system called the Slimline, that comes in several models.  The standard Slimline is thin and comfortable, even if wearing it for extended time periods.  We make a thicker system to house a larger parachute for heavier pilots (or someone who needs a boost so they can reach the rudder pedals).  We also build a narrow container with a tear-drop shape that fits perfectly into the seatback of the Blanik L-23 glider.  If you have a need for something custom, we can design and build it for you.
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Our extensive experience in manufacturing is complimented by our service department.  Parachute equipment needs to be inspected and repacked on a timely basis, but that is just a small part of the service work we do. Custom sizing of harnesses, replacement of a damaged harness or repairs on a container are just some examples of quality repairs that we do well.  Small repairs can often be done before the next weekend.

Rigging Innovations' "Aviator" pilot rig, with square reserve canopy.
National Back with GRF pad for negative G's.  This one's for performer Patty Wagstaff

Para-Phernalia's Softie back with Aerobatic harness for comfort++ under negative G's