New In Stock

It seems everyone wants them for the spring so often there are some wait times.... try and plan ahead if possible!   Many canopies can be brought in 'off the shelf' from US manufacturers in as little as just a few days.

Manufactured items on the shelf include risers (both standard 3ring and mini-ring), toggles (velcro and velcroless), main pilot chutes in different colours, with collapsible and non-collapsible bridles ready for attachment, d-bags, cutaway handles and some ripcords.  We keep materials so we can make up custom colour/length cutaway handles, ripcords of various styles/dimensions, and main deployment bags to your specs, usually quite quickly.

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Pilot 150, spectra lines.
Smart 120, spectra lines
Sidewinder, red and black, small harness, for 120/120
PD low volume OPTIMUM reserves in sizes 126, 143, 160, 176 and 193.
Cypres2 1pin Expert AAD

Z-1 Helmet, one red, one black, one white
Hurricane helmet, one red
Altimaster Galaxy altimeters
Beepers..... ProDytter, ProTrack, Neptune
Goggles... Sorz, FlexZ, Kroops, SkyEyes
Rubber bands.... small, standard, Tandem, lg/sm TubeStoes
Hook knives.... various styles/colours

New equipment in stock currently includes:
New stock varies from time to time but we try to keep some basic supplies either here, or on order and coming shortly.  Everyday items like rubber bands, tube stoes, altimeters, beepers, goggles, hook knives and logbooks are generally here.  Some helmets on the shelf as well.  Cypres stock varies, depending on the time of year.