Many of the new parachute systems come with options available at no extra cost.  Examples of this are:  limited colour selection and an aerobatic harness that keeps leg hardware from being pushing into your hips under higher negative G's.  Examples of other options available at extra cost are stripes, sheepskin padding for those long sweaty flights, ELT and oxygen pockets, lumbar support cushions, gravity retainer flap and quick releasing snaps.

Most new parachute systems are available in different colours, so if you need an olive drab container system to match the harness in your warbird, no problem.  If you need a red racing stripe on each side to compliment your hot rod, this can also be accomplished.  Custom monogramming is available from all manufacturers.  Some use confor foam (astronaut foam) for added comfort.

Sheepskin padding snapped on
a Softie Micro backpack.  Note custom embroidery on right side of harness at chest strap level.  This harness utilizes quick ejector snaps on the legstraps.
Back pack sitting in an open carry bag.
Older Security 150 retrofitted with sheepskin padding for those longer flights.  This harness is similar to the 'aerobatic harnesses' where the legstraps cross over your chest, and the snaps are up, away from the hip area.  More comfortable for negative G maneuvers where the lap belt is extremely tight over your hips.
Some accessories available.....
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